About Us

Our mission is simple: When students learn how to learn, they develop the persistence and resilience they need to succeed in school and in life. 

Institute founder and Conference Chair
Lynn Meltzer, Ph.d. — President and Director, Institutes for Learning and Development
Donnas Kincaid, M.Ed. — Assistant Director and Director of Outreach and Training, ILD and ResearchILD

Mark Logan, Ph.D., Executive Director, ResearchILD and ILD

Our Story

The Research Institute for Learning and Development, (ResearchILD) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that researches, develops, and distributes strategies for students with executive function challenges. We work in underserved communities, including the Boston Public Schools where so many students struggle to learn. SMARTS strategies empower ALL students to organize, prioritize, memorize, think flexibly, and check their academic work.  Developing strong executive function strategies provides students with a strong foundation for learning and promotes academic and life success.  

“Wouldn’t it be Great to Live in a World Where All Students Could Learn How to Learn?”

-Dr. Lynn Meltzer

Meet Our Team

The ResearchILD Team is comprised of a passionate group of professionals who share the mission of helping students to be successful in school and in life by empowering them to learn HOW to learn. We work with teachers and administrators to deliver personalized trainings designed to meet educators’ specific needs.

By the Numbers

3,400+ teachers have used the SMARTS curriculum in their classrooms.

1,215+ schools in 45 states and 24 countries have implemented SMARTS.

225,600+ students have received executive function strategy instruction via SMARTS.

14,000+ educators have attended conferences, trainings, and workshops.

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