The Home-School Connection: Essential for Learning Executive Function Strategies

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Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you understand that executive function is critically important for day to day living. Both at home and at school, students need executive function strategies to handle challenging tasks as they set goals, shift flexibly, organize materials and information, and self-monitor and check their behavior and their work. Teachers and parents do a lot to support the executive function needs of students; however, when EF expectations and supports are different at home and at school, EF difficulties may arise. To truly support the EF needs of students, EF expectations and strategies must be clearly defined and accessible to everyone involved (teachers, parents, and students). In this two hour webinar, ResearchILD experts on developing executive function skills will share strategies they have used to support students’ executive function needs both at home and at school.

Jane Gertler, Ed.D., is the former Director of The Office of Teaching and Learning at The Churchill School and Center, a K – 12 school for students with learning disabilities in New York City. Dr. Gertler was responsible for designing and reviewing curricula, leading professional development, and developing a parent educational network. Her areas of expertise and interest include differentiated instruction and executive function strategies. Prior to working at The Churchill School and Center, Dr. Gertler spent more than 20 years as a public school administrator in Westchester, serving as Director of Special Education and then Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Professional Development. She holds a B.S. from Cornell University, a Master’s in Education from New York University, and a Doctorate in School Administration from Fordham University.

Mindy Scirri, Ph.D., is a learning (dis)ability specialist and consultant in private practice and former Chair and Professor of Education. In addition to training future and current general and special education teachers, her career has centered around working with children and young adults and their families to successfully navigate school and special education systems; develop lifelong academic and career strategies and skills, emphasizing executive function strategies; practice mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques; and, ultimately, build confidence and the capacity for self-knowledge and self-advocacy. Dr. Scirri also homeschools her daughter and is a content writer for homeschooling curriculum and resource websites.