Reading, Writing, and Note-taking across Content Areas


Special education is often seen as the setting for executive function interventions; however, executive function strategies are an essential component of every classroom! From math and science to English, history, and world languages, success in any subject relies on the use of executive function strategies. In this session, we will discuss ways in which executive function strategies can be taught in the context of most academic tasks and how they can be embedded in the general education curriculum with minimal time and maximum impact on students’ learning.

Reading, Writing, and Note-taking across Content Areas

Presented by: Donna Kincaid, M.Ed. and Wendy Stacey, M.S.

As students progress through the grades, many academic tasks including reading, writing, note taking, and test preparation, increasingly rely on the successful use of executive function strategies. To support the learning needs of ALL students, executive function strategies must be embedded in general education classrooms, so that students understand why and how to use the strategies they need. Through hands-on activities, attendees will learn easy-to-teach short, engaging, and high impact EF strategies that can be adapted for any subject.

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