Strategies for Organizing Time & Materials: Keep it simple, Keep it SMART


Thursday, February 16th, 2023; 4:00-5:45 pm EST

In the increasingly complex world of education, teachers as well as students can struggle with the level of organization required to be successful. This presentation will help us think about aspects of organization (such as space, materials and time). Attendees will learn practical strategies that they can implement to help both educators and students succeed and experience less stress.

Strategies for Organizing Time & Materials: Keep it simple, Keep it SMART

Presented by: Shelly Levy, M.Ed., M.S., & Joan Steinberg, M.Ed.

Organization is often first to come to mind when one thinks of the term executive function. Teachers envision students who have difficulty with organization as those with messy desks, late or missing homework, and bedrooms where one can’t see the floor. While organization is a critical process for academic and life success, its importance extends beyond cluttered workspaces. Strategies for organizing time and materials are not only essential, they can be used to empower students, and their teachers too. In this workshop, we will examine aspects of organization, including organization of space, materials, and time, as they apply both to teachers and students. Through discussion and hands-on activities, we will present easy to implement and high-impact strategies that can help all of us become more organized across these domains.

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